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About Tunghantering i Norrköping AB

Tunghantering AB

We are a respected company with over 30 years of experience in heavy lifting. The key word is traditionally total responsibility, i.e. to carry out machine removals, disassembly, assembly and heavy lifting and transport under safety conditions. For us, accessibility has always been a priority. This means that our clients can feel secure in the assurance that they will quickly get expert help in, for example. breakdowns and other costly production stoppages. Assignments are carried out for the heavy industry in Sweden and sometimes even outside the country.


We are a member of the Swedish Heavy Duty Association. The Swedish Heavy Duty Association started with the basic purpose that you as a customer should be able to hire a company within the STHF group and be sure to work with a company that specializes in lifting, transport and handling work.


Not only entrepreneurs and industry benefit from hiring us. We often help private individuals with eg. lifting of safes, pools, units etc. We operate throughout the country.


Also private
Quality policy

We work according to a quality assurance ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. We will carry out our tasks professionally with safety and the environment in focus, do right from the start and keep what we promise. For us, quality is a prerequisite for meeting customers' expectations and the basis for our long-term survival. We will live up to our quality policy by:

  • be a partner to trust

  • keep what we promise

  • always deliver the right quality of our services

  • do right from the start at every point, errors that occur should be corrected immidiately

  • have motivated and committed employees with the right knowledge in a flexible work organization

  • everyone takes responsibility for the quality of our own work

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Well-trained staff


Our staff is very competent and has undergone all the necessary training required in our industry:

  • ID 06

  • SSG Safe lifting Fall Protection

  • Training YKB Lift

  • Training Hot work

  • ESA 14 ADR

  • Truck Training

  • Travers Education

  • Telescopic loader Education T

  • ruck Crane Training

  • CPR training


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