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Special transport

We handle everything from the smallest goods to goods over 100 tonnes, there is nothing that is too light or too heavy. Neither too wide nor too high does not matter. We solve the task. We have special trailers for your specific needs. We operate throughout the country. Also abroad, mainly in the Nordic countries.

When it comes to heavy transport, we are at the forefront. We not only handle the really big lift but also handle the transport to or from the customer. We have transported everything from aircraft on the highway to silos in city traffic, we transport turbines and construction machinery. We can also carry out entire machine shifts of workshops and are similar when we hold our own trucks and can drive virtually all kinds of machines. Whatever your needs, we'll make sure to solve them. Since we act across the country, it is convenient for you as a client to work with a flexible company like us. Contact us as soon as possible for a free quote.


Machinery trailer

Transport of e.g. excavators, large lifts, industrial machines etc.



Available with machine flakes, machine trailers and cabinets. Carries both large and small machines, goods and other bulky items.

Industridragare Norrköping

Industrial wrench
With machine trailer. Often used in industrial facilities to transport difficult-to-access machines etc. Used where needed.

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